I’m on a mission to help you radiate from within so that you can live your best life.

Taylor Wesely, Your Online Registered Dietitian

Hello! I’m Taylor Wesely, RD. I’m so happy you found my page! At Radiate Nutrition, it is my goal is to help YOU live a more meaningful life.

I help busy professionals lose weight so that they can ditch dieting, feel confident in their body, and no longer feel overwhelmed with their nutrition. Unlike other approaches that promote a one-size-fits-all method, I utilize a comprehensive approach that utilizes personalized nutrition plans, simple yet empowering lifestyle changes, and functional nutrition to create sustainable change.

I work with clients who want to:

  • ditch diets and feel confident about foods they choose to eat
  • want lab testing done to get to the root cause for why they might not be feeling their best
  • meet aesthetic goals
  • improve their overall health and wellness routine
  • decrease their risk of chronic disease
  • find a support system
  • increase muscle and lose fat
  • stop feeling “confused” about what to eat
  • find a better balance in life with nutrition and fun

4 Step Proven Process

At Radiate Nutrition, we use an intentional 4 step process. Within this process, we will also tailer to your direct needs.

1. NOURISH your body to support optimal metabolism.

Clients always feel heard and understood. Together we will create a customized nutrition plan to meet your unique needs. You also have the opportunity to heal your gut to support weight management via functional laboratory testing. This is our main phase that will help you understand how to properly fuel your body, effectively grocery shop, meal plan, and much more.

2. MOVE in a way your body craves.

You will learn about exercise that best supports your goals and how to get the most of your workouts through nutrition.

3. REST your mind and restore your body.

You will learn different mindfulness techniques to manage stress and improve sleep; all of which help support weight management.

4. RADIATE with new habits and repair additional concerns.

This is the final step where we put everything into practice and order additional lab tests if needed. At this point you will be radiating from within!

Are you finally ready to change you life?

3 Pillars to a Healthier You


The food we nourish our body with is much more than a simple calorie. We will use mindful eating, education, functional nutrition, recipe ideas, and flexible plans to help you feel your best. Yes, you will be able to eat your favorite foods!


Our bodies are made to move. We will work together to find regular activity that you enjoy and that your body craves.


Meeting wellness goals is nearly impossible when your mind is working against you. Stress and overwhelm can cause low motivation and slower metabolism. We will work to improve stress management techniques, positive self-talk, and much more.